Friday, July 4, 2008

GOP Tactics Explained

This comment was posted on TPM by Jumpy Jack. He has a fairly good list of the GOP tactics for discrediting Democratic candidates.

1. If he has a progressive/liberal position on something, accuse him of being "beyond liberal", "THE most liberal" or "communist".

2. If he has a more centrist/conservative position (e.g. a position the right agrees with), accuse him of political triangulation and opportunism.

3. If he changes position on something because facts have changed, accuse him of flip-flopping.

4. If his position depends on future events or future analysis, accuse him of having no position and no substance.

5. If he criticizes the current administration, accuse him ob being anti-American.

6. If he complains about any of the above tactics being used, accuse him of being angry (+ black, if he's black, for the added bonus).

7. If he doesn't complain, accuse him of being a wimp.

That pretty much covers every possible situation, twice. But just to be sure:

8. Always use all of the above, on every occasion, wherever you see fit, or not.

I have a single question. Are there still enough people left who have not learned how this works to win the GOP another election with this intellectually and morally bankrupt pack of lies?

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